Pssst…family photos are for THEM, too!

Did you ever stop to consider that your kids won’t remember what YOU were like when they were toddlers? Or that they will forget what it looked like for you to laugh with them when they were a kid? Or even that you still looked at them with so much love when they became as tall as you?

Family photos are very much for parents to hold on to days when kids are growing way too fast. BUT family photos are also for the kids.

They are your way to say:

“Look how loved you have always been!”

“I knew just how to make you laugh!”

“You are a treasure in this family.”

This is why I love our time together in a family photo session. We'll bring all that love and laughter to the surface, and I'll give it back to you in beautiful photos you can cherish for years to come. Well, you AND them.

It’s an investment you will never regret.

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