because Easter didn't come with selfies | Huntsville Alabama family photography

Every Easter I gather my people for some family photos. I do this because Easter is for remembering and celebrating. Remembering the sacrifice of a perfect Savior. Celebrating life and promise and hope.

Celebrating blessings of the now and capturing them in photos to remember them later. And of course my biggest blessings are my people.

We talked in church on this Easter morning about the eyewitnesses to the resurrection. How amazing it would have been to be one of them. We like to see things with our own eyes, don't we? To experience them for ourselves. 

It certainly makes it easier to remember. And how forgetful I am.

Funny how God chose to have Easter happen before the selfie-stick generation. There are no Instagram stories of the disciples eating breakfast with Jesus following his resurrection. No Facebook Live of the revealing and touching of scars. Instead we have personal encounters hidden in hearts and then shared with the world.

The irony is not lost on me that there was no means for photos of the greatest miracle ever to occur, and yet I am drawn to capturing the little miracle of my family in pictures.

We had wrapped up our little family photo session, and B said, "I hope you like the pictures, Mom."

I told him these were for me maybe right now. But one day, they will be for him. Because he will forget what these days looked like. The days before he (likely) got taller than me. The days where his brothers were becoming his best friends despite all the wrestling and merciless domination in ping pong games on the back porch. 

So Happy Easter to all of us who are forgetful but want to remember and celebrate. May we find ways to recall and treasure Jesus' love and great sacrifice in our own hearts. No selfie stick needed.

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