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Ok, Dads, this one's for you! Mother's Day is coming up, and you're stumped about what to get your wife to celebrate the amazing mother she is to your kids. Let me give you 5 reasons why a photo session gift certificate is a perfect choice!

1. She will get to SEE how her people look at her.

This is absolutely the best! In my family photo sessions, I have everyone getting nice and close, playing together, snuggling, laughing. And inevitably her kids (and husband) have such love in their eyes for her and for each other. I LOVE for moms to see that because they can be so hard on themselves.

"Am I doing ok?"

"Is everything turning out alright?"

"Should I be doing more?"

And a photo session gives her tangible proof of the love that she is creating with all of her people. That it's all going MORE than ok.

2. She will be THRILLED that someone else took some initiative for having some photos! 

Let's face it . . . the majority of the time, it's Mom who is contacting me to book a session. And I love working with moms! I have a heart for moms to get in the photos with her people.

AND I realize that she also feels some stress about getting everyone else excited about the idea.

So let's just say, you will have won some major points by even suggesting the idea!

3. She will be pumped that some of the details have been taken care of for her!

It's super easy to book a session with me, but I totally get that moms are busy busy busy! So to hand her a gift certificate that says a session's already been held for her is like a huge check mark on her to-do list! 

And that means only 15,493 things are left on her list! Hey, it's a start!

4. It's secretly also a gift for your kids. Double score!

Admit it, how many of us have as many photos as we'd like of us with our moms? 

So a photo session for your kids' mom is also a gift to them. They will have fun at the session, and then they have photos for a lifetime to remember what it was like to play, hug, and laugh with Mom. (And Dad, but this is a Mother's Day post)  ;)

5. You can piggyback off the photo idea for a gift from the kids!

Have your kids make a homemade picture frame as their gift! You can get inexpensive craft frames at Michael's and let the kids use their imagination to decorate them. Then when Mom orders prints from her session, she can use her new frames!

Head over to this blog for an easy peasy idea using just paper straws! Craft Time with Dad with just a frame, scissors, straws and glue? You've got this, Superdad!

Ok, so how do you get started? Just click here to send me a quick message to begin your process of becoming Dad of the Year with your Mother's Day gift selection!

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