Hi, I’m Laurie!

I feel it, you feel it. This pace of change in the people around us we love so much! And we want to somehow take hold of the moments and never forget them. That’s likely why you’ve dropped by, and I’m so glad you did! I love helping families have beautiful souvenirs of their love and laughter, to make it all last after the moments have passed.


I have 3 blond boys who call me “mom,” and a pastor hubby who’s one of the nicest guys on the planet. Life around my house means mess, noise, wrestling, and lots of potty humor. It means I’m always behind on laundry, and I can’t EVER remember what “off-sides” means when I’m watching one of their soccer games.

But it also means looking past the imperfect to see all the good stuff that’s racing by.

And that’s what I love to give to other families as well, reminders in photographs of how you all looked at each other. How small hands fit into bigger hands. How it looked and felt to laugh together. We’re capturing memories so we don’t forget. But we’re also capturing them for our kids to see how loved and treasured they were. It’s the best antidote I know to this race of time.

So come along with me for a fun photo session where no one has to behave (not even your hubby!) Everyone can wiggle and snuggle and play for an hour together!

I will guide you all along the way...



From date to location to wardrobe, I’ll help you select the right elements for your session to make your family’s love and connection shine even more! We are not inviting stress to your session prep party!


Your 60-minute session will be full of fun prompts and lots of guidance but no stuffy posing! Come ready for lots of movement and play! It’s my goal at the end for your kids to say, “That was actually FUN!” You probably won’t even need that bribe you had planned!



I’ll ooh and ahh over your gorgeous images while I hand edit them. Then I’ll present them to you in an online gallery for you to see how AMAZING your family is! I can help you in selecting your best souvenirs, from digitals to prints, wall collections and albums.