because there's something no one says | Huntsville AL extended family photo session

As a Huntsville AL family photographer, here’s something I never hear:

“I wish I had fewer photos of me with my grandparents.”

No one EVER says this.

You probably haven’t either.

So this is why extended family photo sessions are, in my opinion, doubly special. We capture images of your immediate nuclear family (mom, dad, kiddos.)

But then there are more generations after that! Whether the kids are big or small—even if the “kids” are now grownups—these connections between kids and their grandparents are so precious to document.

This particular extended family photo session was even more special because it consisted of FOUR generations! How amazing for this family to have these photos, not just for the adults NOW, but for these kids who will be adults one day.

Sometimes I tell people that the photos you take are a little bit for now but a lot a bit for later. They are something that grows more and more precious as time marches on, as we all age, as things change.

So gather up your family (ALL OF THEM!) and book an extended family photo session with a photographer whose work you love. It’s a gift for yourself. For the grandparents. And for your kids.

If you’d like to book an extended family session with me, you can do that here!

little girl on sand dune | Huntsville AL photographer
family of four on the beach | Huntsville AL child photographer
family snuggling on the beach | Huntsville Alabama photo session
little girl in dad’s arms | Decatur AL family photographer
little girl walking with dad on the beach | Decatur AL family photographer
mom, and, and boy playing trucks on the beach | Huntsville Al family photographer
little boy playing in the sand | Huntsville AL family photography
little boy holding hands with parents | Decatur AL photographer
mom kissing little boy | Hartselle AL family photographer
mom holding little boy | Huntsville AL school photographer
four generations of girls | Huntsville AL extended family photo session
four generations of men | Huntsville AL family photo session
extended family photo session | Huntsville AL photographer
grandparents with grandchildren | Huntsville AL family photographer
great grandparents with little boy | Huntsville Alabama extended family photo session
grandfather with two small grandchildren | Decatur AL family photographer
grandmother with three grandchildren | Huntsville AL family photos
great grandparents reading with children | Huntsville AL lifestyle family photographer
extended family photo session | Huntsville AL lifestyle photographer