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I was so excited to meet up for 3-month-old pictures with this beautiful girl and her precious family. Even though it was December, we lucked out and got a gorgeous afternoon that turned out not to be too chilly! Taking 3-month-old pictures can be tricky since this age isn't sitting up on their own yet. But this baby girl made it easy with her happy smiles and a sweet family around her!She did take a little "snack break" mid-way through (Who doesn't love an afternoon snack??), and this gave me a chance to capture some sweet pictures of her big brother and big sister. I loved their energy and beautiful smiles! They requested to run down the big hill, and I think it turned out to be one of my favorite shots of the session!

Of course I also grabbed some shots of just Mom and Dad together, too. Those first few months of a new baby are sweet but also exhausting. Everyone is thankful for a loving teammate!

3-month-old pictures Huntsville AL
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3-month-old pictures
family photographer Huntsville AL

Thanks, S family, for letting me hang out with you and capture these pictures of your wonderful family!