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For some reason, this week was harder for me in my Project 366. I know, I know, it's ONLY Week 3! Maybe it's the dreary weather, I'm not sure. But I pushed through and came up with some images that I'm happy I shot.Please don't think that I love my third child more than the other two, even though he's featured in almost all of this week's pictures. The truth is that he's with me the most, so he gets to be my guinea pig the most!

Day 15: This day I did an in-home lifestyle shoot for a family and their adorable little guy! I've decided for myself that an image from a client session gets to count for my daily image if I want! This way I can remember all my clients when I look back on my year! 

Although it's hard to choose a favorite from this session, I'm going with this one. I love the joy on the faces! PS--If you want to see more from this session or to find out what a lifestyle session is all about, check out this post

Huntsville Alabama photographer
Huntsville AL photographer

Day 16: This day was surprisingly warm and we took advantage of getting to play outside without freezing!

photographer in Huntsville AL

Day 17: C and I took a little walk/bike ride before lunch. For some reason, pedaling is super hard for him. He starts out with his feet on the pedals and then decides it's just easier to Fred-Flintstone it down the street. Yabba-Dabba-Doo!

Day 18: I took some pics of A at his basketball game but am not posting them for privacy reasons since other children are in the image.

Day 19: I really wonder how many times my children have walked (in this case, run) down this hallway in their lives. This is the hallway at church from their Dad's office to the parking lot.

family photographer Huntsville AL
photographer in Huntsville Alabama

Day 20: So far, we're 3 for 3 on the weeks containing a picture that includes Lightning McQueen in some form. I wasn't kidding about the obsession thing. C loves to play on our comforter because he uses those ruffles as lanes on a highway or racetrack.

Huntsville AL photographer

Day 21: Very soon we will be transitioning C from a crib to a big-kid bed. There won't be many more views of toes through crib slats.

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