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Had a busy couple of weeks, so I'm slightly behind on blogging my 366 Photography project pictures, BUT I am happy to say that I am on track and haven't missed a day of shooting yet!

So here are the pictures for Week 4!

Day 22

All of my boys love to play card games and board games. Even C likes to play when he can (and often when he can't). He LOVES to put all the checker in the Connect 4 board and is pretty proud when he fills it up!

Huntsville AL photographer

Day 23

A sweet family from church had their twin baby boys, and R & I stopped by the hospital to see them for a little bit. Of course I had to bring my camera and caught this sweet picture of a one-day-old baby foot!

Huntsville AL photographer


Day 24

I know, a pictures of WAFFLES? But I discovered this recipe for whole wheat waffles a couple years ago, and we loved them so much that I now make a double (sometimes quadruple!) batch every week and freeze them. (PS--I may or may not add mini chocolate chips to our batter each time.) Have to do something to balance out all that flaxseed nonsense.

Huntsville AL family photographer

Day 25

SnOw!!! We got a little bit of snow on this day! The boys didn't stay out long, but we did take a short venture out into the cold. C was not a huge fan of the white stuff.

Huntsville AL photographer

Day 26

On this day we cleaned out A&B's shared room. They had lots of stuff they had outgrown, and it needed a good de-cluttering. The whole room felt so much better when we were done, and the sunset was really pretty that night coming in through their window.

Huntsville AL photographer

Day 27

It's been a long time coming for C to be able to play with this toy by himself. He loves race cars and this race track requires a couple steps to work properly. But on this day he finally got it!

Huntsville AL photographer | Laurie Hatfield Photography | Huntsville AL

Day 28

One of my hopes for my kids is that they will be lifelong readers. I caught this picture of A reading in his newly cleaned-out room.

Huntsville AL photographer

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