because a familiar face always helps | Huntsville AL school photographer

As a Huntsville AL school photographer, I talked about how important it is to establish connection quickly with kids for these sessions. Most of the time I'm able to help that connection happen between me and the child. You can head over here to catch up on that post! 

We talk about funny things, I ask them if they have any funny tricks, I let them wow and amaze me with their knowledge and humor. And then try to return the favor.

And then.

Then there are the sweet little ones who feel very connected to their caregiver and just can't quite warm up to someone new that fast. So what do we do?

We invite the caregiver to the party!

I have the teacher come along and hold the child's hand, or sit beside the child. We let the child keep the connection with the person they feel comfortable with. This is the same principle I use in my family sessions, so it makes sense that it works for school photos as well!

Photos shouldn't be a stressful or scary experience. And sometimes it just takes a familiar face to help it all go ok.

I'm totally willing to be patient to grab some great shots for parents to remember this very fleeting stage.

Below are some of the sweet little friends I met at a local preschool for their school portraits this year.

If you'd like to see these boutique school portraits at your child's school, head here for more info!

little girl with purple bow | Mobile AL school photographer
little boy with pink shirt | Mobile AL preschool photographer
little boy in white shirt | Mobile AL school portraits
little boy in white shirt | Mobile AL school photographer
little girl in blue dress with red hair | Fairhope AL school photography
little girl with blonde hair | Gulf Shores AL school photographer
little girl with blue eyes | Mobile AL school photographer
little girl with brown hair | Mobile AL preschool photography
little boy laughing | Mobile AL private school photographer
preschool boy with collared shirt | Daphne AL school photographer
little girl with white dress and pink bow | Mobile AL school portraits
3-year-old boy with blond hair | Pensacola FL school photographer
little boy with curly hair | Mobile AL school photos