because school directors have 539494 things to do | Decatur AL school photographer

Being a school photographer is only ONE of the positions I’ve held in a school. I’ve been around schools for a lot of my life:

as a student

as a middle school teacher

as a high school teacher

as a Library Media Specialist (fancy term for school librarian)

as an employee of a nonprofit that partnered with schools to combat drug, alcohol, & tobacco use among students

as a parent volunteer


But because of all this school time, I kinda get what goes on behind the scenes. I know (and so appreciate!!) what teachers and administrators have on their plates.

Y’all, it’s a lot.

And let’s just say that school portraits are just one teeny tiny item on the list of a school director. It should not cause a disproportionate amount of stress.

SO. In the last post we talked about how I work hard to make school photos easy on parents . Today let’s talk about how my Boutique School Photography is easy on those superstars at the helm of the school!


I know, I know, we talked about this one last time. But really, it’s such a game changer.

With my Boutique School Photography:

School directors do not have to distribute order forms.

They do not have to hand out paper proofs.

They do not have to worry about getting a duplicate for the busy parents who have misplaced said paper proof and/or order form.

They do not have to take up payments.

So very simple.


It’s important to me that the actual photo days are smooth and flow easily. So the schedule is created in whatever way makes this the most possible at that particular school.

Have kids that only come a couple days a week?

Want to finish up before lunchtime so faces and shirts aren’t messy? (I actually recommend this!)

Want to be able to start photographing the early bird kids as soon as they arrive?

We can factor in all of these things!


Along the way, parents might have questions about photo day, their gallery, or ordering options. I want to be the one to handle all of that so that directors aren’t fielding school photo questions.

I give my email address to families early on so that they can contact me at any point.

I also make a video for the parents when galleries go live to walk them through the ordering process. This helps answer about 98% of questions!

From start to finish, I’m happy to help families have a fantastic school portrait experience!

School directors have enough going on without worrying over the details of school photos. I truly believe it can be a simple and fun experience from top to bottom!

Want to see these at YOUR school? Let’s get started!

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