because school photos shouldn't cause more stress | Huntsville AL school photographer

As a Huntsville AL school photographer, my first goal is of course that you receive fantastic images of children that capture their true personality. I really want families to have stunning photos of their kids that will bring happy memories of certain expressions they made at that age.

I know that sometimes these will be silly faces, sometimes they will be pensive faces. Lots and lots of times they are sweet faces.

That’s Goal #1.

But after that, I want the actual PROCESS of school photos to be easy peasy—on both the school and on the families.

For now, let’s talk about how I make the experience easy for families.

Let’s face it, families are busy. Super duper busy. I’m a mom of three boys, so I totally get this. I know that all families love and want great photos of their kiddo, but if it’s too complicated to actually ORDER and RECEIVE the photos, it will end up like that form on the bottom of that pile you were supposed to sign. Whoops!

I get it.

So because I’m a busy mom, too, I’m constantly trying to think of how to make this whole thing easier.


So for starters, this is why my whole school photo ordering process is done online. Who wants ONE MORE PAPER to try to keep up with?

I don’t print paper proofs. Instead families receive a gallery sent to their email that they can look at while they’re sitting and waiting at yet another dance class or soccer practice. The galleries can be forwarded right on to Mimi & Pop so they can order, too!


I give multiple images in a gallery. I only have a couple minutes with a child, but in that time, I’m capturing as many expressions as I can. Then I like to pass them on to families so they can choose for themselves.

Or decide that they need to have them all, which brings us to…


I make it super easy and affordable to order the entire digital gallery. This option allows families to have ALL the images in a high resolution format that they can share online and print at their favorite lab!


Who else has appreciated that phone call that the dentist appointment you scheduled 6 months ago is now next week? Thank goodness for reminders—I don’t want to think of the plaque-y alternative!

I make sure families receive lots of reminders during their ordering window. Families are grateful because they don’t want to miss out on these cute faces in print!


When families check out in their online gallery, they have the option to select free shipping (these will be delivered to the school after the ordering window closes). Or they can choose to have the prints shipped right to their door for a small shipping fee.

The ship to home option is great for out of town family.

Or for in-town parents who don’t want another item to carry along with the backpack, lunchbox, nap mat, and water bottle. Oh, and the artwork you’re going to keep forever. (Or until after bedtime—no judgment here.)

School photos are just one of the 5 billion things families have going on during the school year. So they shouldn’t be the source of more stress!

Great photos—easy process. Let’s do this—click here to get started bringing these to your kid’s school!

And now, some cute kids!!

girl in teal dress | decatur al school photographer
girl in flower dress with dimple | huntsville al school photography
boy in red donjon | hartselle al school photographer
girl in peach dress with tongue sticking out | huntsville al school portraits
girl with dark hair and pink dress | huntsville al school photographer
girl with Wizard of Oz smocked dress | Decatur AL school photography
blond boy in gray shirt | Huntsville AL boutique school photography
girl with red hair and flower dress | Decatur AL school photos
sisters looking at each other | Huntsville AL preschool portraits