366 Week 6 | Huntsville AL photographer

Day 36

This day gets two pictures! This was A's birthday, so C & I went up to the school to eat lunch with the birthday boy. Both boys got ice cream!

Huntsville AL photographer

Then on the way back out to our car, C wanted to play on the speed bumps. He's currently a little crazy about speed bumps--he loves to drive over them and watch other cars drive over them. And to walk on them himself.

Huntsville AL photographer

Day 37

B was home sick this day but felt well enough for a rousing game of Hungry Hungry Hippos with C.

Huntsville AL photographer

Day 38

We finally got around to being able to celebrate A's birthday. He chooses Cookie Cake every single year.

Huntsville AL photographer

Day 39

It's almost soccer season!!

Huntsville AL photographer

Day 40

My poor littlest buddy has been sick this week. But he is still so adorable.

children's photographer Huntsville AL

Day 41

C peeking out the window at his brothers playing outside.

Huntsville AL photographer 

Day 42

We got just a little bit more snow on this day! Not quite enough for playing a whole lot, but enough for a whole snow day off of school.

Huntsville AL photographer
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