366 Week 5 | Huntsville AL photographer

It's time for pictures from Week 5 of my 366 Project where I take a picture each day! 

Day 29

This should be a familiar scene to any mom of preschoolers. I figured as much time as we spend at Target, I should have a picture to document it!

Huntsville AL family pictures 

Day 30

I got to spend the morning with some totally adorable twin baby boys and their parents. It's almost impossible to pick a favorite image, but here's one.

Huntsville AL newborn photographer

Day 31

Here's a favorite from this morning's in-home lifestyle session that was so much fun!

Huntsville AL lifestyle photographer | Laurie Hatfield Photography

Day 32

How beautiful is this baby girl?? This one's from a 6-month-old photo session on a beautiful afternoon!

6-month-old pictures Huntsville AL

Day 33

My poor little B had a scooter accident and ended up needing some stitches in his forehead. He was a champ, though. He may be little, but he is tough!

Huntsville AL photographer

Day 34

Lightning McQueen is making his appearance for the week! C asks often to "watch a show 'bout Lightning." Well, considering there's only one . . .

Huntsville AL photographer

Day 35

B busy with homework

Huntsville AL photographer







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