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Here are the results of Week 2 of my 366 project! You can see Week 1 here if you missed it!

Day 8: A few mornings a week I get up early to run, and and on this day I finished up right as the sun was coming up over the horizon. Of course I had to grab my camera. I like to think of it as my little reward at the end of my run!

Huntsville AL photographer | Laurie Hatfield Photography | Huntsville, AL
Huntsville AL photographer

Day 8 (#2): Wednesday is Garbage Truck Day!! C loves to watch the garbage truck do its thing. After the truck finishes at our house, C watches it as far up the hill as he can see before he comes back in.

Day 9: B got new shoes this week and picked the absolute brightest ones he could find. He loves them, and I've learned that the color of tennis shoes are just not worth haggling over.  Also his shoes are constantly untied. Stopping to re-tie shoes is evidently just a big hassle when you're 6.

Huntsville AL photographer

Day 10: Second only to the hope of college scholarships one day, the best part of the kids making good grades around here are the free donuts from Krispy Kreme for every A. (And a free half dozen for straight As!) Keep studying those spelling words, kids!

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Day 11: It's basketball season, and I totally love it. My children will never be super tall, but for now they are quick and intense, and it makes watching their games so much fun! My B will surprise you. He's probably the smallest one on the court, but I'm not sure anyone out-hustles him. Love my #1!

photographer in Huntsville AL
Huntsville AL photographer

Day 12: Sunday afternoons are pretty low-key around here. Those who don't choose to get on the afternoon-nap train are probably getting ready for AWANA that evening.

Day 13: Decided to give my poor children a break on this day and photographed our good friend Mac. I believe I've mentioned before how much a certain 2-year-old around here loves Lightning McQueen. I'm not sure at what point it actually becomes "obsession" status, but I think it's safe to say we're close. Mac was a Christmas present, and I'm not sure how we lived without him before that.

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Day 14: Does this look like nap time to you? Yeah, me neither. My kiddos have always been awesome sleepers, but C has lately decided he's got more exciting things to do. For whatever reason we've left him in his crib longer than we did for his brothers, but I'm thinking it's about time to take down the jungle gym.

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