Thankful | Huntsville AL children's photographer

Huntsville Photographer | Laurie Hatfield Photography | Huntsville, AL

Why do we take pictures?  So many different reasons, probably, but sometimes it's just because you know certain things are so fleeting.  I know this more now with kid #3 than ever before.  So when he insists on wearing goggles at the pool, I can't resist a picture so I remember how his cheeks were as chubby as his puddle jumper.Also, in the act of even thinking about taking a picture, it's a moment of gratitude.  This, this, is something I am so thankful for that I never want to forget that I had it.  Especially when I know it won't always be with me in this very same way as today.  So with the click of the shutter, we acknowledge, this is special, and I see it.  And I'm so thankful.