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Today was the first day of school for A&B.  4th grade and 1st grade!  I think they are both going to have an awesome year! This day, this First Day of School, is always an interesting one to me.  So much social media talk of tears (almost always Mama's and Daddy's!), and inevitably none for me.  Not even when one starts Kindergarten.  Some years I think I must be suffering from Cold-Hearted Syndrome (hopefully not a thing).

But really this just matches how I approach most everything that brings a change.

There was hard stuff and good in the old, and there will certainly be hard stuff and so much good in the new. 

So maybe I'm cold-hearted, or maybe I just tend to look more forward than back.  I don't want to think that what was before must certainly be better than what's ahead, or that younger children are better than older children.  That more dependence on me is sweeter than less dependence on me.

I love watching my kids grow up.  It really doesn't make me sad.  We are all doing exactly what we're designed to do--grow and change and fly!

So no tears today here (unless these children come home with an assignment that requires craft supplies.)

Huntsville AL kids photographer
Huntsville Alabama children's photographer