because 4 is so fun | L's school photo session | Mobile AL preschool photographer

I could not have asked for a sweeter girl to kick off this summer's Boutique School Photography sessions! I love these sessions because I get to chat and be silly for a few minutes with some great kids! While I'm talking with them, I'm aiming to catch a variety of expressions. These are the faces Mom and Dad see all the time, and I love freezing them in a moment! 

This little lovey just had her 4th birthday, and can I just say that I LOVE 4-year-olds?! They've learned so much and are still so inquisitive and affectionate. That last year before Kindergarten is such a big year for them! I'm so glad L's parents have these photos of their sweet girl!

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Now, on to some of my favorites from this precious girl's session! How cute is she??

4-year-old girl black and white portrait | Mobile AL school photographer
little girl in pink dress | Mobile AL school portrait photographer
4-year-old girl smiling | Mobile AL school portrait photographer
little girl in dress | Mobile AL school photographer
4-year-old blonde girl | Mobile AL preschool portrait photographer
preschool portrait | Mobile AL boutique school photography

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