Grandma & Grandpa | Grandparent photo session | Huntsville photographer

I was so happy to get to photograph the grandparents and 2 of the grandchildren for this family! I've known these kids since they were little bitty, and I can't believe how big they are! Besides being really photogenic, they've also got a great sense of humor and kept me laughing during our time together.

On a little sidenote, I LOVED how their colors were coordinated for this session! Choosing one or two main colors and having everyone work around those is a GREAT way to dress for photos. This keeps everyone from matching and then meshing into a "blob" but still keeps it cohesive and pleasing. I really love the muted greens and blues they chose!

Anyway, here are are some of my favorites from this session!

Enjoy the love! <3

granddaughter with grandparents | Huntsville photographer
grandparents sitting on grass with grandchildren | Huntsville family photographer
grandfather and grandson | Huntsville photographer
grandson with grandparents | Huntsville family photographer
grandparents walking with granddaughter and grandson | Huntsville family photographer
granddaughter with grandfather | Huntsville family photographer
grandchildren and grandparents | Huntsville family photographer

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