because of band-aid marks | G & W's photo session | Mobile AL school photographer

These brothers came for my summer boutique school photography sessions and you know how I feel about brothers! G was so kind to his little brother, and both boys were a delight to hang out with for a few minutes.

We talked about how helpful they are to Mom as she's getting a new classroom ready for the fall. I suggested they help her paint her classroom purple, but G didn't seem to think that was such a good idea! Oh well! Anyway, they really were great little guys, and I love the personality in their images!

I think we should especially mention the perfection of the band-aid marked elbow on that last image. If that does not scream preschool boy, I don't know what does. I couldn't bring myself to edit it out because I loved it so much! I love for the photos from these sessions to take you right back to this age. It all goes by so fast!

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Here are a few favorites from these brothers' session!

7-year-old school photo | Mobile AL preschool photographer
little boy with blond hair | Mobile AL preschool photographer
black and white portrait of first grade boy | Mobile AL school photographer
2-year-old boy school portrait | Mobile AL preschool photographer
little boy laughing | Mobile AL preschool portraits
little boy in blue shirt | Mobile AL school photographer
2-year-old boy | Mobile AL preschool portrait photographer

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