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picture of family with three kids

Goodness, this session of family photos was so great! My friend Sue has been one of my biggest cheerleaders since I started this whole photography gig, and so it was really an honor to photograph her and her family. We couldn't have asked for a prettier evening or a prettier spot. And her kids are just really cute! (Sorry, handsome, for the boys!)

I love capturing kids' real personalities, and let's be honest, kids aren't smiling ALL the time. But even their more serious faces are so precious. We see THOSE faces a lot, am I right? So that's why I love pictures like this one! When I take pictures, even of my own kids, I'm not just always trying to capture the "best" moments; I'm trying to capture the "real" moments. The ones that years later, I'll go, "Oh yes, I remember that face, that gesture, that look."

photo of little boy Huntsville AL

I also make sure to capture some images each session of Mom and Dad. I don't know about you, but my hubby and I have SO FEW pictures of just the two of us past our wedding pictures!

couple photo Huntsville AL
boy in field picture Huntsville AL
photo of Mom and son Madison AL
little girl twirling picture
picture of two brothers and one sister
Mom and daughter picture

Love a good silly picture!

brothers and sister in grass
husband and wife photos
family photo in field
family photos Huntsville AL
wife and husband picture
family hug picture
best photographers Huntsville AL

And I love this tractor one because midway through the session, Libby informed me that she wanted to work for me as my assistant. And at the end she said she really thought we should take a picture by the old tractor. So we did! And it's so cute! I'll let you know when I'm hiring, Lib!

kids on tractor picture
Mom swinging daughter picture
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