366 Week 8 | Huntsville AL Photographer

Time for Week 8's pictures of my 366!

If you've missed the other weeks, you can catch up here!

Day 50

I'm taking a photography class right now on using natural light indoors, so I've been practicing on different types of light using my built-in models. ;) I love this one of C and his Mickey.

Huntsville AL photographer 

Day 51

C loves the supply closet down the hall from his dad's office. His favorite is the bucket of ping pong balls!

Huntsville AL photographer

Day 52

Poor C. He got super sleepy on our drive home (sucking his thumb pretty much only happens when he's sleepy.) But if he falls asleep for 5 minutes in the car, you can bank on the afternoon nap being checked off in his mind. 

So he was not happy with my antics to keep him awake. But we made it!

Huntsville AL photographer | Laurie Hatfield Photography | Huntsville AL

Day 53

Took B&C to the big library downtown. We LOVE books! I'm thinking of doing a blog post soon of our recent favorites!

Huntsville AL photographer

DAY 54

A&B and some screen time.

Huntsville AL photographer

DAY 55

Another practice day for my photography class. This picture's nothing fantastic, but it is an example of "broad light," in case you're wondering. ;)

Huntsville AL photographer

DAY 56

And a practice silhouette of B for the same class. 

Huntsville AL photographer