366 Week 10 | Huntsville AL photographer

We've hit double digits in the Weeks of my Project 366! Woohoo!! Head on over to catch up on the first 9 weeks of taking a picture every day if you've missed them!

Day 64

Somebody was feeling a little snacky when we got home from church tonight.

little boy reaching in refrigerator | Huntsville AL photographer

Day 65

Pillow or blanket? Sometimes it's all a little confusing.

toddler sleeping under pillow in crib | Huntsville AL photographer

Day 66

B found a book at the library that he fell in love with. 

little boy reading in bed | Huntsville AL family photographer

Day 67

The boys and their grandparents

Huntsville AL photographer

Day 68

A on the swings

Huntsville AL photographer

Day 69

C and I spent the morning at the park. I love spring!

Huntsville AL photographer

Day 70

There was a beautiful sunset during A's soccer practice!

silhouette of football goalpost at sunset | huntsville family photographer

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