3 years old! | Huntsville family photographer

Somehow this little guy had another birthday and turned THREE! He has been so excited that his birthday was coming up. For one thing, having a birthday at the very end of May means that you watch most of your friends the whole school year have their birthday and turn another year older. It probably can seem like your turn will NEVER come.

One top of that, his middle brother has a birthday just 4 days before his, so it REALLY seems like it will never be your turn. But finally! The day arrived, and he's THREE!

This little guy is such a delightful little boy. He wakes up {too early, but we're working on that} every day ready to eat his breakfast and get started on the day. He doesn't let a day go by without giving attention to his race cars. He knows ALL the characters from the Cars movies, and there are WAY more than you think.

He loves to wrestle with his brothers, read books, ride his tricycle, and eat. He really does love to eat.

Here are some photos from his {finally!} birthday. Oh how we love him!

3-year-old boy | Huntsville photographer
3-year-old with birthday shirt | Huntsville photographer
3-year-old blowing out candles | Huntsville photographer 
3-year-old with cars | Huntsville photographer