Trucks, trucks, trucks! | Mobile AL photographer

It's no secret that we love cars and trucks around here! So when the Monrovia branch of Huntsville Public Library hosted Big Truck Day, we were there (and of course I had to take pictures!)

At first C was a little apprehensive climbing into the cab of the truck. But after the first one, he was a total pro and couldn't wait to jump into all the rest!

On a photography note, the morning was totally overcast which makes for more even lighting and no harsh shadows. I don't always love overcast settings because I like a little more "drama" with my light, but for this kind of activity it was actually really nice!

So here are a few favorites from our day out with the trucks!

3-year-old in cab of truck | Huntsville child photographer
2 brothers sitting in tractor | Huntsville photographer
2 boys sitting in tractor | Huntsville AL family photographer
little boy peering into tractor tire | Huntsville photographer
2 brothers sitting in cab of backhoe | Huntsville family photographer
3-year-old boy and tow truck | Huntsville AL children's photographer
2 brothers sitting on tow truck | Huntsville family photographer 

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