strawberry picking adventure | Huntsville AL family photographer

Recently I took C out to Brown's Farms to pick strawberries. We've lived in Huntsville for almost 11 years now, and I can't believe we've never done this before! Of course I had to bring my camera along to photograph our little adventure. ;)

After parking, we stopped inside to pick up our bucket. The lady asked if we wanted one bucket or two. I'm SO glad I only took one! One bucket is a TON of strawberries!

We made our way out to the strawberries where C promptly told me he needed to go potty. Of course. Thankfully there ARE restroom facilities! Granted, we had to walk all the way back to the parking lot area, but I was just thankful not to have a bathroom emergency on our hands out in the strawberry field!

Anyway, once we took care of that, we returned to the strawberries. C was a little hesitant at first. I think he thought he'd either squish the strawberries or that he wasn't going to be strong enough to pull them off. But he got the hang of it quickly, and then he loved it! He especially loved taste-testing a few along the way.

We filled up our bucket, went in to pay, and then headed home. We talked all the way back home about the strawberries we'd eat with our lunch!

It was a fun little morning, and we will definitely come back to do it again!

Here are some favorite pictures of our time:

little boy picking strawberries | Huntsville photographer
boy picking strawberries | Huntsville family photographer
bucket of strawberries | Huntsville photographer
little boy with strawberry | Huntsville child photographer
boy eating strawberry | Huntsville family photographer
boy picking strawberries | Huntsville photographer
2-year-old putting strawberries in bucket | Huntsville photographer
little boy walking in strawberry field | Huntsville family photographer
2-year-old boy picking strawberries | Huntsville child photographer
2-year-old tasting strawberry | Huntsville family photographer
little boy in strawberry field eating berries | Huntsville photographer
2-year-old in strawberry field | Huntsville photographer

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