Project 366 Week 14 | Huntsville family photographer

Here's Week 14 of my Project 366 where I aim to photograph something each day. You can get caught up on Weeks 1-13 if you're behind!  :)

Day 92

What exactly little boys do to the knees of their jeans I do not know. But this is about par for the course around here . . .

hole in little boy's jeans | Huntsville family photographer

Day 93

B and I got a membership to our local Botanical Garden. Oh how I adore tulips!!

little boy smelling yellow tulips | Huntsville photographer

Day 95

Me and C

mom and little boy in rocking chair | Huntsville photographer

Day 96

C got a couple new car friends today.

toy cars | Huntsville photographer

Day 97

B and his current book

little boy holding Stink book | Huntsville AL photographer

Day 98

A little sunset basketball

basketball goal at sunset | Huntsville photographer

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