Lululemon Ambassadors Photo Shoots {Mobile AL photographer}

This is such an exciting blog post because I still can't believe I have photos up in a retail store!! 

But I'm getting ahead of myself . . .

This past summer, my friend Erin who is the manager of Huntsville's Lululemon store approached me about doing photo sessions for her store's local ambassadors. These athletes embody the Lululemon brand and lifestyle in their community, and part of their ambassador experience includes a photo shoot and a photo collage displayed in their local store. It was definitely outside my "normal" box of family and newborn photography, but it all sounded really fun, and I was honored to be a part of it!

So for the next few weeks, I met up with 5 different ambassadors to photograph them doing what they do. And let me tell you, they are ROCK STARS! It's so fun photographing people doing something that they love. We tried to keep everything very light and easy and fun during the sessions so that the ambassadors' personalities could shine through their final images. And I think we were successful!

After narrowing down the images, they got sent off to print. And right before my family moved to Mobile, AL, I took a little field trip into the Huntsville Lululemon store to see how it all turned out. It was almost surreal seeing these up on the walls! The new store looks amazing!

I mean, how FUN is this?? 

lululemon ambassador photo session | Mobile AL photographer
Lululemon ambassador photographer | Mobile AL 
Lululemon ambassador photo session | Mobile AL photographer
Lululemon ambassador photos in store | Mobile AL photographer
Lululemon ambassador photo shoot | Mobile AL photographer

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