Get in the Picture! | Huntsville photographer

One of the parts of my family photo sessions that I love the most is capturing images of parents with individual children. For Week 3 of my Capturing Joy photography workshop, we focused a lot on parents and kids together in the frame, including ourselves! Yikes! So in addition to my sister-in-law and niece, you'll see me in a couple of these as well!

As much as I love photographing my children, I do want them to know that I was actually THERE, too, you know? So I want to be more intentional about getting myself in the frame as well. It takes a little more effort, but it is SO worth it!

You can do this, too! Try setting up your camera (even your iPhone!) with its timer. Sit somewhere with your kids and be silly and just capture the images that result. I actually set my interval timer on my camera for the series of me and the boys. So it takes a few frames every 10 seconds or so for about a minute and a half. We just play or talk and we don't worry too much about "cheesing" at the camera.

If you'd like to try this (you don't need a tripod--a stack of books on a dresser will work fine!) and aren't sure how, check your camera's manual or do a quick Google search for your camera's model. I keep my settings for this saved all the time on my camera, so it's pretty easy to get going!

Anywho, here are some of my favorite images from this week.

Enjoy the love! <3

mom and daughter telling a secret | Huntsville family photographer
mom laughing with daughter | Huntsville family photographer
mom and daughter | Huntsville family photographer
mom and son touching noses on bed | Huntsville family photographer
mom and son playing on bed | Huntsville photographer&nbsp;
mom with two boys | Huntsville family photographer
dad with three sons | Huntsville photographer
dad holding son upside down | Huntsville photographer&nbsp;

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