366 Week 12

Here's Week 12 of my 366! You may notice this day is short a couple images. I have to admit that I actually missed 2 days this week. I'm sad about it but am moving on and continuing!  :)

You can also get caught up on Weeks 1-11 if you want to!

Day 78

We took a short little Spring Break trip to the Smoky Mountains and included a little mini bowling on our first night!

little boy bowling | Huntsville photographer

Day 79

This was our day in the Smoky Mountains. It was such a perfectly beautiful day for hiking! This picture is a little more "snapshot"-ish than my normal style, but it's difficult to get all three boys in the frame. So I love it anyway. Plus they're real smiles since I'm pretty sure they were laughing at some potty humor.

3 brothers | Huntsville family photographer

Day 80

My silly little C playing in the bath.

little boy playing in bathtub | Huntsville photographer

Day 82

A and his uniform for his soccer team.

Monrovia Blast soccer team jersey | Huntsville photographer

Day 84

One of C's favorite activities is to squirt the spray bottle outside. Sometimes he likes to "wash" my car for me.

little boy spraying car | Huntsville photographer

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