Hi, I’m Laurie!  

I live in Mobile, Alabama, with my husband (who is seriously the nicest guy on the planet) and our 3 boys (11, 8, and 4). It’s as messy, busy, noisy, and fun as you would imagine! Those are all my boys you see there in photos below!

I grew up in Atlanta and graduated from the largest and most beautiful college campus in the country, Berry College. After 3 years in Fort Worth, TX, we settled in Alabama, spending 11 years in Huntsville and moving to Mobile in 2016. 

In some ways, photography feels like a world away from my previous career as an English teacher and then elementary school librarian.   But really, I suppose they have something fundamentally important in common.  We love books and words and stories because they take us to a time, a place, a moment, and hold us there for a while to be in it.  And don’t photographs do the same? 

This is why you’ll see that a lot of my images won’t have everyone looking and smiling at the camera.  What I really want is to capture whatever is real about now, whether that’s a pensive look on a child’s face, or a connection between the family because they’re looking at each other. I'm going to show up to your session ready to catch what I see as beautiful in your family and then give it back to you in photos.

I like to keep things easy and relaxed during sessions. My greatest joy would be to complete your session and for you to say, “That was actually a lot of fun!” My clients have told me this so many times, and it makes my heart so happy. My sessions are more like an hour to play together, talk to each other, see each other. Your kids don't have to behave, your husband doesn't even have to behave (ha!). Everyone will be too busy having fun to worry about performing for a camera. Then when you get your gallery back, you'll see what I saw: the beauty and love of these people you call family. And that you're doing a really great job with these people.

CONTACT ME to chat more about your session! I'd love to help tell your story!

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Laurie Hatfield is a Mobile AL familynewborn and child photographer specializing in lifestyle indoor and outdoor photography. Serving the Alabama Gulf Coast area, including Mobile, Spring Hill, and West Mobile..